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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

September 26, 2018

I had this moment on Sunday while shopping at Whole Foods, a serious cooking moment that I have never had before and it probably made me giddier then necessary. While I was on the hunt for my pork shoulder I sadly noticed that the pieces on display were too small for my needs. The wonderful tenant behind the counter went around back and grabbed the butcher to see if he could rectify this issue.

I got to chatting with this bearded young man and we deliberated over some specifics: bone-in vs bone-out, fat content, and how heavy. He disappeared back into his domain and after a few moments, returned holding the most beautiful hunk of raw meat I have ever purchased (and it helped it was on sale). I swear there was a light in his eyes when he asked if I was going to smoke this marvelous shoulder as he wrapped it in two large sheets of brown paper. I had to laugh, how many people smoke meat in the middle of the city?

No, I told him, but I was going to cook it for 4 hours in red wine after braising it in my dutch oven and serve it over Parmesan Polenta with a Pear Mezcal Cocktail and a Gateaux Mamie. He did not seem disappointed. In my scooter’s cart, it went, fitting just snug, and I made my way home with a backpack full of meat.

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