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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

September 12, 2018

In my cabinet, I have more dishes than a single woman probably needs. And could most likely easily part with all of them, except one set. I have these dishes from William Sonoma that have traveled with me from my parent’s home through college and to Chicago. They have these wonderful illustrations of different types of vegetables: cherry tomatoes, green beans, eggplant...etc. They were my mom’s.

When I moved out of the last home that could be marked as being part of my childhood, I was allowed to take some things to help me get started. I obviously scavenged the kitchen and took pieces of this dish set. Through moves and irresponsible handling, I am left with 5 side dishes and one shallow pasta bowl.

Fast forward years and a good friend, who used to live down the street, is visiting for our mutual friend’s wedding. We decide to take a trip to one of the Chicago neighborhoods we used to often frequent and pop into our favorite thrift store. I love the Brown Elephant in Andersonville, is constantly turning over items from furniture to stemware and there are always some awesome finds as long as you are willing to look.

Within this once theater house off with the other kitchenware, I spot a familiar natural green edging of a ceramic bowl. Digging underneath a few plates I am stunned to find, in perfect condition, four pasta bowls from the very same set that I have owned for years. The only question was, do I want the zebra tomato illustration or the pear cherry tomato?

This was one of those moments you have to pause and fully immerse yourself in the experience and all the feelings that bubble up with it. Guess I know what dinner will be served in! How about a Cast Iron Egg Bake with Brussel Sprouts and Cherry Tomatoes over Garlic Bread with an Earl Grey Rosemary Cocktail?

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