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Paloma Sour, Pecan, & Pumpkin Pie with Stephen

Updated: May 11, 2021

Part 1

I am joined in the kitchen by home cocktail creator Stephen, who is teaching us how to create the drink that got him into cocktails, the Paloma Sour. Can’t or don’t want to eat a raw egg? No worries, Stephen gives a tip on how to get that wonderful froth without this protein. We also chat about Stephen’s approach to cocktails and how this hobby started.

Listen to Part 1 HERE

Part 2

Stephen is back in the kitchen and we are slicing through a couple of pies. Stephen is making my mom’s recipe for Double Layered Pumpkin Pie and I am baking Stephen’s go-to Old Fashion Pecan Pie recipe. We are also unveiling the magic of cream cheese, discussing puh·kaan vs pee-can, pork roll vs Taylor ham, and revealing top favorite vegetables. There are so many topics ahead because who knew pie would take so damn long to cool.

Listen to Part 2 HERE

A Paloma Sour With Stephen

I was over the moon when Stephen agreed to being on my podcast and sharing his passion for at home cocktails. After offering up three possibilities that all sounded refreshing, Stephen quickly contacted me again offering a Paloma Sour, a riff on an LA classic that got him into cocktails.

I could not pass that up! Below you will find Stephen's recipe for a Paloma Sour that provides so many different variations that really allows you to create the perfect cocktail for you. Do raw eggs put you off? No problem, Stephen offers a great substitute that allows those who cannot, or choose not to, eat eggs to get that foam.


Double Layered Pumpkin Pie

Made by Stephen

Stephen’s Cooking Notes:

1. I'm really glad I opted to make my own graham cracker crust. I used this recipe from King Arthur Baking: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/graham-cracker-crust-recipe. If you're using a glass pan, you might not need to bake the crust for the full 15 minutes. Mine went from lightly toasted to pretty toasty as it cooled.

2. In addition to the spices listed in the recipe for the pumpkin layer, I added nutmeg.

3. Definitely wait the extra time for it to set. It will create a much easier time slicing it up. Learn from my mistakes!

4. The recipe suggests garnishing with chopped nuts and more whipped topping and that worked well - as someone with an extreme sweet tooth, I'd be tempted to try candied nuts the next time I attempt it. Or maybe some whipped topping and fresh ground nutmeg.

Old Fashion Pecan Pie

Made by Kate

Recipe: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/old-fashioned-pecan-pie-356072

Kate’s Cooking Notes:

  • I had a premade dough in the freezer that I took out earlier in the day to defrost enough to roll out and fill my pie pan

  • Be sure to leave a decent amount of dough hanging over the pan lip, I cut mine to close and it pulled back a bit.

  • Next time, I would not take the time arranging each of my pecans to face all the same way, I have no regrets doing it this once though!

  • It is all about that cool time, you are going to need a few hours before that is really set.

  • That orange zest is everything!

  • It is really sweet so if you want to cut some of that sugar I recommend a little whip cream!

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