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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

I have returned from an extremely emotional, fun, and exhausting trip. As I mentioned last week my brother got MARRIED this previous weekend. I traveled to Massachusetts then Rhode Island for these festivities, and it was an emotional roller coaster. I will try to be brief.

I was a mess during this event. My brother has always been my best friend, as a joke (but I am serious) if I ever get married he will most likely be my maid of honor (or Hand of the Queen, it has a nice ring to it). And as he has said, he’ll rock it. But, we have always been close growing up, moving around will do that to you. I have seen him go through so many different versions of himself (the silly boy who ate butter, the rebellious long hair high schooler, the goofy college freshman, the young professional) and I am so happy that Katie (my now sister) has drawn out to the best version and I hope they continue to grow together, individually and as a couple. I truly love them both.

Away from the sappy and on to the fun stuff. It was wonderful to see my family and friends together in one place! My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandparents. They were all together again, something that hasn’t happened for too long. Together we shared this special moment, we gorged on bacon wrapped scallops, we laughed and we danced. Ingrained in my mind for all time will be my dad dancing with my stepmom in a glow-stick crown and my stepmom’s shimmering purple pashmina.

A weekend filled with good drink and good food had to lead into a West World Wednesday of a higher caliber. I was high on emotion, laughter, and smiles that I did not want it to end. And pull out the stops we did. Dinner was a fall medley of a pasta dish filled with butternut squash and chicken sausage enveloped in a sage brown sugar butter sauce, a side dish of apples and tomatoes drizzled with balsamic, and a dessert that took us back to childhood, smores, made indoors by a beautiful combination of the spooky and soft lighting of a long-stemmed candle.

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