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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

I know I have stressed before how past weeks have been busy and to accommodate this fast-forward schedule I embrace meal prepping. This week is going to be a whirlwind to end all whirlwinds! My brother is getting married!!

Come Thursday the 18th I will be on a flight to Boston and begin the multi-day adventure of my brother and his lovely fiancé tying the knot. I cannot even begin to express my excitement. To see my family, to see old friends, to eat good food, and to create new memories.

The food… let’s dwell on that for a moment. My brother is as enamored about food as I am, we have a long-standing argument about who is the better cook, sharing recipes over every phone call. You can bet that over the past few weeks my brother has bragged about the food that was going to be served at his wedding. And the kicker, my soon-to-be sister-in-law is gluten free and they made it a mission to make sure she can experience all parts of her wedding meal. As she should! This restriction creates opportunities for the bride and groom to experiment with wedding traditions, for example, the couple decided on an ice cream bar inlet of a wedding cake. Why have I never seen this at a wedding before?

Following the debauchery that will be the reception, the bride’s family is hosting a lovely brunch. Close friends and immediate family will stumble out of bed, sporting different levels of exhaustion to recall the night before as a group. Hopefully over Bloody Maries.

Moving on to the evening. My Mommom and aunt have been prepping away to prepare a Polish dinner. It has been years since I have indulged in my Mommom’s pierogies and my mouth waters simply thinking about it.

Since I am away on this adventure Thursday to Monday, you may think that I have called off this week’s gathering. I only have three days to work with and my flight leaves at 7am the morning after. I treasure these days too much to simply skip a week. I simply had to go into overdrive to get everything done. I can tell you as I type this my clothes for my trip are strewn about the couch and I am mildly freaking out about my timetable and resisting the urge to simply ignore my To Do list and watch TV.

I did think to plan an easy dinner; settling on an effortless fall salad, Melody suggested mulled wine, and Mark will be a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie skillet for bringing dessert.

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