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Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish. One you get excited about the closer you get to the day. This dish is a staple of your table, even if sometimes it isn’t everyone else's. My favorite is my Mom-mom’s Creamed Onions. Small pearl onions swimming in a creamy gravy, the sweet gems burst in your mouth with each bite.

Now that I live further away from my family traveling can be hard around the holidays. I am not made of money and flights can get expensive. There is also the issue of flying out of Chicago to get to New Jersey that is awfully difficult. I feel a bit like a burden when someone needs to drive to Philly to pick me up, it is not a quick two-hour commute. One year I even flew to Boston and car-pooled with my brother all the way down, that was a terrible idea. One I will never decide on again. Who wants to spend 2 hours at the airport for a 2-hour flight to then sit in the car for 8?

This left me staying in the midwest a few times traveling to Wisconsin to visit family friends for the weekend. I was grateful for two years when I was invited to spend the holiday with this family, I didn’t have to be alone. This family is from those days long past when my mom would have the neighborhood parents in our kitchen. They are a part of the original gang, the kids were all the same age and throughout the years even though we have grown apart we will always be a sort of family.

It also allowed me to pass on my favorite holiday dish when I was asked what I would like to see on the table, creamed onions. For these occasions, I pulled some recipe from online the last minute and they were still wonderful, and I may have made creamed onions a staple for Thanksgivings to come.

This year though I am actually staying in Chicago. I traveled for my brother’s wedding and I am not ready to travel again. To make up for missing all of my favorites I decided to make them the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie milkshakes last week started that ball rolling. This week there was Creamed Onions and for my cocktail a Frothy Thyme Lemonade with Ginger.

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