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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

November 07, 2018

It has been a long five months, five months of feeling like a slug. Like a formless blob who expels so much energy simply moving from one end of the room to the other. My motivation dwindled, my frustrations grew. Once I sat down it was so hard to get myself to get back up and be productive.

Over the course of five months, I went from thinking I simply sprained my ankle, a few weeks of crutches then walking on it. I wanted to will my body to get better, it was only a sprain and it would heal on its own. Then it didn’t.

There were X-rays, CT scans, and consultations. I didn’t sprain it, I fractured it. I needed surgery, go in and scrape things away and put it back together with two screws. Hope the bone forms. Hope there is no arthritis, being a 25-year-old rock climber you can bet arthritis in my ankle scared me.

I was bound to my bed for two weeks after this. I learned how much my friends love me and how much of a family they have become. Taking shifts those first few nights. Sleeping on my floor. Making sure I didn’t slip when I bathed. Bringing me food. Playing games while I was confined to a 6ft rectangle. I got bored very quickly. Extremely bored. Cabin fever bored. I needed to escape.

Next came six weeks of moving but no weight. Hopping around my home with one leg. Cruising around town on a knee scooter. Resorting to crutches when I knew I would be in tight spaces. My right leg muscle is substantially more defined than my left. One day I showed my boss’s six-year-old daughter my scar and she boldly said: “Your pants are so loose now on that leg”. I hadn’t yet thought about that, and it was rough.

Melody told me once during this adventure that every year has a defining moment, whether good or bad. A moment that sticks out and till the end of our time we will remember that one significant event. This year is the year of the ankle. I don’t want to be frustrated anymore, soon it will be the past and why do I want to give this event any more power over me than it already has?

This week was a triumphant week in the Year of the Ankle, I had my second x-ray and I got the okay to take the boot off. I have been upgraded to the mother of all braces, one that has a youtube video to instruct how to put it on. This brought the ability to start weight bearing PT, which was as hard as anything. My body has forgotten to do a lot of things on that left side.

I returned to the pool for the first time since surgery. It felt like I was flying! I am slow every day, limping along and forcing myself to concentrate on my form when walking. But swimming, with swimming my body still remembers how to move. I cut through the water almost the way I used to. I move and I move fast. I smiled through every 50, through every flip turn.

It was a big week, I was tired and I wanted our dinner to be easy and our drink to be a reward for how far I have come. French bread pizzas and pumpkin pie milkshakes. It was only Melody and I this week and we agreed to each bring a set of pizza toppings. I chose a classic from my mother’s kitchen: fig butter, caramelized onions, sausage, and blue cheese. Melody took a spin on a traditional margarita pizza: sautéed diced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and topped with a beautiful bunch of arugula.

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