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The day has come. Game of Thrones is over.

Honestly, I am actually a bit sad. I think this is the first show I have ever stuck with and watched live beginning to end. It has held such an important place in my heart and became the building block of My Tiny Cook Spot. Because, if you recall, years ago my brother and our friends would gather to eat, drink, and watch this show.

The entire feeling that this experience provided me was something I worked to recreate in Chicago. I opened my home in search of creating a sort of community filled with good food, good drink, and laughter.

I think I nailed it.

I wanted to mark the occasion of the final season by creating menus that were inspired by a few of the great houses. We have tackled the Tyrells, Greyjoys, Starks, Lannister, the Night’s Watch, and the Night King, and finally this week we have paid homage to the Targaryens.

The family that brought so much death and destruction. So much false hope. So much fire and blood.

I am going to say, I hated Danny from the beginning and for most of the series it was a very unpopular opinion. I did not believe in her cause and I did not like her attitude.

As the final few seasons progressed, her unlikable characteristics grew and more people came to my side of the fence. All the way until the end where you watch her break and become the archetype it seems the beginning seasons were trying to avoid. This also seemed to have happened with a lot of the characters.

I will quote one tweet I saw over the last couple of weeks in regards to this final season “You either die a hero or live long enough to be poorly written”. Or something like that. This whole season was rushed and so much had to be wrapped up and explained. It suddenly seemed as if it did not matter how we got to the end, as long as we got there. And a lot of the times it was disappointing.

The only thing I will admit to being okay with will be how Jon went out. I made a joke that he was going to end up leaving Westeros and become a wildling. He never asked for responsibility and titles kept being thrust upon him. I wanted to see him say “fuck it” and go beyond the wall. AND HE DID. It was amazing that he was sent to the Night's Watch once again only to just move right through the wall and be done with all the games of kings. He was able to meet up with Tormond (his lumberjack lover as I call him) and his wolf. Truly perfect.

Everything else was just okay. But, It is hard to expect a great ending to a series. Rarely is anyone happy because technically these are people and they continue to live, you are just no longer privy to it.

To watch this final episode of one of my favorite shows I decided to work with my least favorite house and played with fire. For dinner Melody and I were going to have ribeyes with mushrooms and onions and a drink aptly named Dragon’s Breath.

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