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Updated: May 12, 2019

One of the things I adore about My Tiny Cook Spot is that it presents the opportunity to explore new culinary ventures. Who knows if I would be experimenting the way that I am if I did not have this outlet. Would I have been content sticking with what I know, making mostly the same things for every meal? Who could possibly know!

I do believe that this willingness to expand my culinary knowledge is part of the draw to get my friends over for dinner. They have confidence in my cooking and show up week after week without knowing what I am going to put on the table. They trust me.

This week was no different. Do not worry, it was not some obscure dish. I was not about to make a fancy meal that you would expect to find at a five-star restaurant, I am a home cook after all. Actually, my meal was pretty straight forward. I was going to be focusing on the Night’s Watch, those who have protected the Wall in Game of Thrones for generations. We can all assume that these men who man the Wall were not going to be eating some frilly or showy meal.

They would have had hearty dinners, something to pad their bones to keep them warm. Something that could easily feed multiple people from one pot. They probably would have had some sort of game meat and vegetables that have a long shelf life and can survive in darkness. Lamb or mutton maybe?

A lamb stew that was full of warm gravy, thick-cut carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms. A meal that was fit for a cold day for a man who never thought he would be warm again.

There is another side to this coin this week. The meal may be honoring the men of the watch, however, the drink was going to pay homage to their enemy. Not the wildlings. Those people may have a long-standing hatred with these crows, but they are not the true enemy.

Throughout this season we have seen people come together to fight this new enemy. The ones whose existence was supposed to remain in myths and legends. I am, of course, referring to the Night King. The cold-hearted and skinned bastard that brought people back from the dead (after killing them) and marched them south to take over the world.

To accompany my Braised Lamb Shank Stew I blended a smoothie of banana, ginger, pear, and lemon, calling it The Last Night. Because I have developed a flair for drama.

You can even enjoy these delicious treats while listening to the all new episode of My Tiny Cook Spot EP 9 Home Sweet Home with Katie PT 2

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