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I had new guests for my weekly dinner and drink extravaganza! I wholeheartedly enjoy cooking for people, however, the first time I cook for someone can be a little nerve-wracking. What do they like? What do they dislike? How adventurous can I be? My brain is populated with questions that I have to consider before I figure out what is going to be on my menu.

My regulars I know like the back of my hand. I know what they are allergic to or what flavors they do not care for. These are easy menus to put together and I love them for being adventurous with me. I appreciate that I don’t need to tell them ahead of time because they trust what I am going to be putting on my table.

This week I was opening my home to Miranda and her fiancé Kevin. For the first time, they were going to see my small home and Miranda immediately expressed how my set up was completely indicative of my personality. She has also brought it up since, how everything has its place and is almost color coordinated. It is true my home has a color theme, butter yellow, white, and dove gray. Everything pretty much fits in this palette and since it is a studio it is easy to notice. They noted that “this is an adult apartment”. I was honestly proud.

Too many times have I lived in a space that did not feel like home. There was stuff in it, but it was not arranged and decorated in a way that made sense. Now it does. Now my artwork is showcased. Things are framed. I have grown up furniture and nice pieces that are highlighted in my tiny space. So yes, I like to show it off.

I have cooked with Miranda once, she invited Zara and me over for tacos a few months ago. But tacos were safe. I was not planning on being safe this time, and I was a little nervous.

Kevin can also be a picky eater, so I had to keep that in mind. I was very impressed that he was a trooper, trying everything that was available. Even Jalapeño beer. He was honest, telling me if he did not like something and apologized for possibly offending me.

I am far from offended. I knew that I was a bit out of the box this week and I was happy that he tried things that were unfamiliar to him. I call that a success!

On the menu for my new guests was a Steak Toastini with Poblano Hummus and a spoon drink with papaya sorbet and coconut milk that I have named Put the Papaya in the Coconut.

Dig in!

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