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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I like to think I am graceful in the kitchen. Not in everyday life, no...in everyday life I am tripping over my own feet and bumping into things. But in the kitchen I like to think I appear to be at ease, floating around the space. Knowing where everything goes and how to function with apparent ease.

There are occasions where I get flustered and these movements are a bit more jagged. A bit less fluid. I do tend to make a mess but what well-orchestrated event isn’t a little messy?

Every once in a while the person that moves like water over a stony shore is replaced by an elephant moving through a china shop. A creature too big for the space that is using too much force and can’t keep from breaking things.

I swear there are times that nothing appears to go right. Normally this frustrates me to no end. As my family can tell you I become an absolute grouch when things aren’t going well and all I am doing is making it worse. I don’t even have the self-control to step back and cool off. Nope. I must continue on, even if I only make more of a disaster.

This was….sort of one of those moments. Bill had agreed to be featured on my podcast so while we were going to sit down I thought we may enjoy some food and drink. Because, honestly, that makes anything better. We were going to make a Tomato Tart with a homemade crust, provided by Bill, and a cocktail I have named Beet Me to the Punch. Because...it was made with beets.

As you can imagine the color it created was glorious! Such a vibrant red! I am serious, change out of any light colored clothing when handling this drink.

I am not going to go into too much detail on how to create the drink, you can easily find that on my recipe page. But, I will share some of my misfortunes in creating it.

First off, this drink involves an egg. And when working with eggs it is best to have them be room temperature to create better froth. I planned ahead, took out 2 of my 3 eggs and set them on the counter, just ready to be used.

The time came and I went to separate my yolk from my white, only to bust the golden sphere and contaminating the necessary ingredient. Damn. But I had one more and well...Bill was kind enough to “sit on it” for me to warm it up. Bill is a real jokester and thought it would be funny to say he put the egg in his back pocket...I was unamused.

It’s okay, roll with the punches. I had another egg, just be more careful. I continue with my process for the first drink. I try to use my shaker with one hand because it looks and feels more official, but I have small hands and can’t always get a good grip. l had a minor fumble with my shaker where the lid popped off. Luckily the red liquid only dribbled a little down my hand and on the floor. Thankfully, all the clothes were spared.

We can come back from this, I’m laughing it off.

The first cocktail is gorgeous! Red and pink with a wonderful foam. I take my photos and begin my second cocktail with the egg warmed graciously by Bill.


I shook it up fine, used two hands and had a good grip. However, my shaker is metal and sometimes when it gets cold it sticks. And it stuck badly! I tried wiggling it off, but with no luck. It eventually came loose in the most dramatic fashion. The lid popped off and it sent bright red viscous liquid all over my kitchen. It was on my counter, it was on my floor, it was on my oven, my refrigerator, my shirt, my skin, the wall. It was the beginning of a Jackson Pollock.

I couldn’t believe it...it was going to stain! Immediately I go to clean it up, trying not to spread it around. And what does Bill do, he takes photos. He is standing behind me laughing and documenting this tragedy in my kitchen. Somehow, I kept a level head and after he was finished we were able to save all the surfaces of my kitchen. Except for the white decorative towel on my stove. Those are, as you can imagine, no longer white.

But hey, I still had a tomato tart and one perfectly good cocktail and sorry again Bill, but the pretty one was mine. Hear all about it in Episode 5 of My Tiny Cook Spot.

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