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Hey...hey...it is actually Wednesday! It has been too long since I have been able to reflect on a real Wednesday gathering. A real West World Wednesday...or actually West World Wednesday Light.

Melody and I were both able to gather on Wednesday for dinner, but we both agreed that it wouldn’t be able to be as long as our traditional gatherings. Melody had some work to do and I was lacking brain power so we decided to give maybe 70%. Which didn’t work.

I did not have the brain power to think of an exciting flavor combination this week, so I decided not to create a cocktail at all. Normally possibilities are swirling around my head and I can not wait to try them. But I could not even begin to grasp them and make them a reality.

I was too stuck on what we were going to have for dinner, a recipe I had been sitting on for a while but hadn’t had the opportunity to create. A Pork Wellington that captured the flavors of a wintery mulled wine.

We chose to immerse ourselves in Game of Thrones, it seemed fitting with a dinner consisting of meat wrapped in bread and bold red wine. We thought we could simply watch one episode of the show during dinner then call it a night. Melody was going to bring the bottle of wine and some dessert to complement my meal and it would have been an early night.

While the food cooked and my home was filled with wonderful aromas we chatted about our week. I was excited to share that I was going to be starting a new job in the coming week, the long hunt had finally paid off and I was moving on to really start a career I could be excited for.

The wine flowed, we opened another bottle. We watched episode after episode of Game of Thrones giving the characters shit and expressing how our feelings changed while rewatching the story unfold. Suddenly it was 11pm and my neighbor was banging on our door to stop yelling.

Which I answered with an apology falling from my lips, realizing we were obnoxiously loud as the weeknight moved in the the late hours. She was not interested in my apology. But, no skin off my nose. I had a new job, a belly full of Pork Wellington, and smooth red wine. I was feeling pretty good

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