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I was on the pool deck at the beginning of the week, chatting with my fellow coaches Zara and Miranda. I coach with these lovely ladies three days a week and we have become pretty close, following each other from one coaching gig to the next. However, Zara will be making a move we will not be able to follow. As much as she loves to coach and she loves our swimmers she was offered a position in Boston that she simply could not say no to.

Although we are sad to see her go we are wicked (yea I went there Bostonians...and yes it is in my natural vocabulary) excited for her new opportunity. Our time is limited and I wanted to spend a night this weekend cooking with my coaching friends, something I have not done yet and I didn’t want to squander the opportunity.

We discussed the best thing to make and settled on tacos since Zara is vegan and it is the easiest thing to make to ensure everyone gets something they like. We were each going to make a different filling or side and meet at Miranda’s Friday night, right before the snow storm hit.

I told them I would take care of the cocktail, the obvious choice was margaritas to go with our tacos. But what kind! Lime seemed too simple and mango seemed overplayed. Zara pipped up and gushed about how much she liked mezcal while I was brainstorming, I took the hint...mezcal it is!

She pulls out her phone while I am trying to piece together the flavor puzzle whirling around my head. I settled on Pineapple, a great complement to the smokey mezcal. I could caramelize them...nope, I can’t use butter. I could sprinkle sugar on them and broil them! Get a bit of a char, by this point I was brainstorming out loud.

“And charred jalapeño…” Zara suggested head in her phone. That would be good! “It’s called a…” whoa, whoa, whoa….put that away. I don’t need any internet help or suggestions. This is my thing. Let me do my thing….trust me.

I was going to need to head to Miranda’s right after work so I needed to put my prepping to the test. I prepped the entire cocktail the night before then pack-muled it to work. A backpack full of juices, mezcal, and dinner ingredients.

My Tiny Cook Spot was on the move! A different space opened its doors to hosting good friends. Aromas wafted off a different stove. And a different sink was full of dishes (that’s okay, she has a dishwasher). But the same atmosphere was created. Good friends unwinding and unloading. Wishing our friend the best on her new adventure. All with a cold drink in an extremely hot kitchen.

My contribution to this shindig: Charred Pineapple and Jalapeño Margaritas, and Roast Chickpeas with a Spicy Slaw.

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