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Christmas is finally over at My Tiny Cook Spot. I had my last hoorah with my lights and my tree watching a silly Netflix original Christmas movie, the kind where you can predict the ending only 10 minutes in. Then it was time to pack everything up and reorganize the space for everyday life. I got to reconstruct my bar to showcase some of my new cocktail gadgets and reads; it is nice to be back to normal. Although I am going to miss my lights.

It was a beautiful day in Chicago, I swear you would have thought you were catapulted right into April instead of just starting January. It was 50℉, it was sunny, and there was only a little bit of a wind. I needed to be outside and Melody agreed to take a trip to pick out new glasses with me, if any of you wears glasses you understand how you need a strong second opinion by someone who looks at your face more then you do.

After this task, where I tried on numerous glasses from Warby Parker just to settle on a pair I actually had delivered to my house earlier that week to try on, we decided to enjoy some of the day before heading back.

I was looking fabulous in my newly gifted cape-coat from my extremely chic step-mom so I was all for strutting around Chicago. I was a little nervous to wear this extravagant garment, to draw so much attention to myself but I loved the thing and I didn’t want my self-consciousness to hold me back. And not to brag or anything but I got five compliments on my coat throughout the afternoon, it felt good.

When it is 50℉ in Chicago in January the only logical thing to do is to eat ice cream. Boutique or gourmet ice cream is a trend that has hit Chicago pretty hard and one of the widest spread companies is Jenny’s Ice Cream. We passed their shop and couldn’t help but ignore the “Boozy Eggnog Ice Cream” sign sitting outside the door. I went all summer without having ice cream, but a early day in January seemed like the perfect time to indulge. Worth it.

After a much needed long walk, we stopped at the store to get a few ingredients for a late lunch or early dinner. I was about to pull out some stops, a meal that would reflect the warm sunny day and a drink that would remind you of easy summer evenings. Get ready for shrimp on a bed of arugula and pureed sweet potatoes with a butternut squash coconut milkshake to relax with.

On our way back we somehow got into a conversation about Masson jars and I mentioned that I didn’t have any. Melody could not believe it, and wouldn’t hear of it. We were going to swing by her place on our way to mine so she could to give me some. Recently she hit the jackpot where someone in her building was parting with their Masson jars and they even had their lids! Silly person.

Along with the jars she gave me a stick of Palo Santo wood telling me that it had much of the same effects of burning sage to cleanse your home. It smells nice too, however, it reminds me of something that I can’t put my finger on, driving me nuts. Something I used to eat? It has a very light green minty smell, the mints my dad used to keep in his car? The fancy flavored toothpicks my mom used to use?

Who knows, but I lit the stick the other night, feeling like I was about to cast some spell as I walked around my tiny home letting the smoke curl from the tip in beautiful patterns. I am not sure what I am trying to cleanse, my mind, my ‘soul’, or my space. But living in a small space can sometimes feel...tight. The smells of what you cook can linger and sometimes it’s nice and sometimes it’s shrimp. It can feel like there is no air in here. This smell opened that up, it dispelled the cooking smells and filled the space with a light minty aroma, absorbing the tight atmosphere. It was a lovely gift.

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