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I had one busy weekend, Saturday my day was absorbed by a swim meet. I rolled out of bed before the sun graced the sky and drove an hour away to coach a total of 10 kids through one fast moving meet. Two sessions, three age groups, 5 possible races, and 12 hours later I was back home. Obviously dead to the rest of the world.

Sunday I wanted to gain some of my weekend back. I needed to go to the store and prepare my home for the looming polar vortex. I also wanted to conquer a few recipes that have been plaguing my mind for what felt like weeks.

I put the call out to my climbing friends and was able to nail down one to come over. I will take it! Bill was able to make it over and would be my ginny pig to these creations.

When I first started this I was a little embarrassed when it came to taking photos. I want to take eye-catching images and if anyone thinks that is a simple process they are silly. I am working in a tight window, I want to create my shot but I don’t want the food to be cold. This used to have me riddled with nerves. Thinking that those I had over were judging me and I moved around my home with plates of food to find the best spot or slightly adjusting the angle of the fork.

But, I got over that feeling. I am more confident in what I am doing and believe my friends understand. Every once in a while I do still experience that cold sweat of nerves and embarrassment when I have a new guest, but to create what I want I need to ignore the voice in the back of my head.

I have become more comfortable with my set up, like this Sunday I was completely comfortable to take Bill’s drink and place it against a wooden backdrop, lay on my belly to get the right angle and snap photo after photo making little adjustments.

During my work, a text floated across my screen, from Bill to our group message, “How My Tiny Cook Spot gets made...she’s been at it for a whole song”. I had to laugh because I knew my friends were teasing and not judging as the messages passed across my camera screen. I felt proud, and I got some pretty cool photos of me at work.

Whatever it is you enjoy doing, whatever you can’t shut up about, whatever you work on until way past the setting sun, do it with pride. Talk about it with a smile. Create something great.

This week I took pride in Crispy Tortellini and Cocoa Pebble Breakfast Cocktails.

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