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Well...here I am again...at the airport. The most bittersweet part of traveling, going back home. On the one hand, I am exhausted and want to sleep in my own bed. On the other, I want to spend more time with my family. There is never enough time.

I had an absolutely wonderful time, I actually scheduled activities instead of merely waiting for time to pass in the house! This year in lieu of physical presents, I was going to gift my family with experiences. Quality time with me.

For my step-mom, I took her to get her nails done (something I rarely find time to do) but I highly enjoyed. We got to sit and chat just the two of us as we relaxed in each other's company. It was wonderful to spend that time with her.

I took my dad to a local distillery up in Gloucster, where he was entranced by the history of this husband-wife owned operation. They made three types of whiskey (have you ever had a wheat whiskey??), rum, vodka, gin, and even a cask-aged gin. The whole process blew my mind and I loved seeing the geeky smile on my dad’s face!

Obviously, I had to cook with my brother, which started out rather ambitious with the desire to make homemade ravioli. That dream quickly died as we lived through our post-holiday stupor. However, we made a pretty awesome surf and turf, Cam and Kate crushing it in the kitchen again.

For Katie, we had some serious sister-in-law bonding with an evening at SIP Wine Bar where we were able to try 2oz pours of so many different types of wine (so much wine). Followed by oysters and a slice of chocolate cake. It was a very cute Kate Squared date.

This trip was filled with fantastic food, some of which I made, starting with a Chicken Stuffed Marinated Portabella Mushroom. I also constructed three separate cocktails during my trip: Smoking Black Pepper Bourbon, Pretty in Pink, and a Flaming Apple Jack.

My parents were a flurry of activity Christmas day, turning out cheese plates, crab claws, dried meats, chilled shrimp, and so many other treats. All leading up to a Orange-Bourbon-Brined Smoked Turkey. Mouthwatering.

Like any family gathering, there were mishaps, delayed timing, minor injuries (my dad may have thought it was a good idea to barehand the smoker box lid), deep laughs, wide smiles, and just not enough time.

I got to see my dog, for probably the last time. Sunshine Daydream is a beautiful 15-year-old black Labrador Retriever. She is now semi-blind and has arthritis and I had come to terms that I would not see her again. But she held on and I swear she smiled when I sat down with her and she took in my scent. She would not leave me alone and followed me about the house asking for love. And I had so much love to give. She is my little girl with a heart two times the size of a regular dog (not lying).

There are so many things I would love to share but I don’t want to drone on with the details, let's just say you had to be there. I hope your holiday was just as magical as mine.

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