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It is unheard of, impossible, to have turkey dinner without gravy. And it is so easy to make! This topping does not take long so wait until your turkey is almost finished to put it together, that way it does not cool on the stove before it is time to indulge.


  • ¼ C Butter

  • ¼ C Flour

  • 2 C Chicken Stock (or turkey drippings)

  • Salt and Pepper to Taste

Yield 2C

If you are lucky enough to acquire enough dripping from your turkey separate as much fat as you can. When you remove the drippings from the pan you can put them in a narrow but deep glass and scoop out the fat that sits on the surface, they also make this cool contraption that is a pitcher with the spout close to the bottom. When you pour the liquid the fat will remain on top and the broth will come through the spout. If you make a lot of gravy or have a lot of room, I recommend this thing because it is awesome. My mom had one, I don’t (unfortunately) so I have to spoon away.

On this occasion I did not get enough turkey drippings so I had to use chicken stock, it is better than not having gravy at all though.

In a medium saucepan or skillet (I like a larger surface area) melt butter. We are making that amazing roux. To the butter sprinkle in flour, don’t just dump it in! Mix continuously to combine all the butter and making sure not to burn the flour. Let that wonderful nutty scent fill your kitchen and mix with the other aromas. After about 3-5 minutes turn heat to low and pour in drippings or stock one cup at a time. Don’t add more until you are completely mixed and all clumps are whisked out. After the second cup is added and you are free of clumps, crack in salt and pepper.

Keep warm on low heat, don’t boil and don’t simmer. The gravy will thicken the longer it cooks. If it cooks for too long and becomes too thick simply pour in more stock (SLOWLY).

When it is time, move to the desired container to serve.

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