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My mind has been reeling lately, ideas are flowing in and out of my head at a rate I cannot possibly keep up with. Flavors are swirling behind my eyes and I have to write them down before I forget.

There are not enough opportunities to actually make these concoctions and I am jumping at every chance I get. This week I could not convince my friends to come to my home for a much-needed gathering but we could gather somewhere else.

It had been a long time since we had all been together, my climbing friends. It is amazing how much I seemed to rely on climbing to see them. I used to be confident that at least twice a week we would be together, it is much less now. So the times we are all able to get together I cherish deeply, even when I don’t get to host.

I live the furthest north of all my friends so it can be a bit of a treck and I have heard (through many grumbling complaints) that parking by my home is very difficult. Apparently, you cannot find a street spot close to my building and it can be stressful (I don’t drive so I wouldn’t know).

Since I was traveling there was going to be no dinner prepared by my hands, but I was told never to show up anywhere empty handed and took on a cocktail!

Originally I had grand schemes to incorporate smoke into this drink, bare with me I am going to try and describe my idea...I was going to take an orange, cut the top off and hallow it out to make a cup. Along the edges of this cup, I was going to make grooves running through the skin from top to bottom. In an actual glass, I was going to light a sprig of thyme on fire and leave it in the bottom. I was then going to create a seal in the glass with the orange cup so there remained space for thyme. At this point, I would have been able to fill the orange cup with my liquid and the grooves in the skin would have allowed the smoke to escape.

I hope you followed all that. I was very excited as I sat on the train and tried to figure out how all that would work. The more I thought about it and understood the preparations the more I realized I was not going to be able to take this cocktail on the road and prepare it for 9 people. I was not about to make that many orange cups.

Instead, I made a much less involved version of the flavors I was going to play around with and presented Blood Orange & Salted Thyme Lemonade cocktails.

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