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I am about to drop a wicked fact on you. In the state of Massachusetts, my home, it is illegal to discount liquor. Let that sink in. There is no happy-hour in the state of Massachusetts, no dollar beer night, no $5 martinis, and no bottomless mimosas.

This terrible little fact makes brunch not as popular, from what I remember during my recent visits. We have never woken up on a Saturday morning and rolled into a restaurant to take part in brunch. In Chicago, I do this a lot….a lot.

When I have friends visit me we always go to this restaurant down the street called Broadway Cellars, because we can indulge in bottomless mimosas for $10. It blows the minds of my friends who come from the east because it is simply unheard of.

Another example, when my dad came to visit we went to one bar for happy-hour. We both got Maker’s Mark Manhattans and when the bill came my dad did a double take at the price, it was only $10. It was a little comical watching him voice his shock and surprise.

As you can imagine, like most 25-year-old women in Chicago, I love brunch. Not only do I enjoy going out for it but I love to host! I like making breakfast food (normally I make dinner foods) and serving up mimosas, sometimes with a twist.

This week I had my friend Chase and one of his friend over late Sunday morning for Baked French Toast and Blueberry-Mint Mimosas. It is time to dig in!

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