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Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I never guessed that My Tiny Cook Spot would extend its reach to so many different forms of the social world. When I first decided to create this space I simply wanted to have a place to show off my creations and if people decided to read that was fantastic. But at the time it did not seem to be the goal. Now it is, it is hard not to want your creations to be seen by a wider audience and I am so excited as to how far My Tiny Cook Spot has come in such a short time.

I have always had a “go for it” attitude. Why simply imagine something when you can strive to make it happen. I created this website, and I created the social forums to house different aspects of this brand’s personality. I am always excited to interact with individuals through these channels and it warms my heart to see my creations be appreciated.

My most recent endeavor is my podcast, which is an experiment I have thrown myself in to. On these episodes, I chat with different individuals about their relationships with food. I am able to touch on my own experiences and have been able to learn things about those closest, it is an amazing feeling to come across a small gem about someone you have known for many years. You are re-discovering each other and they have opened themselves up in a pretty intimate manner in a public forum.

So far I have had the pleasure to chat about Prohibition with my grandmother and learned that my great-great-grandfather had a bootleg whiskey business in Philly, I have explored my first food memories with my brother and learned that he has an aversion to hard-cooked eggs (birthing another topic for a later episode), and most recently I was able to chat with my good friend about Family Heirloom Recipes. These recipes are associated with a certain family member and are almost lost to us but have a special place in our hearts.

When I was chatting with Melody about the theme of the episode she was going to feature on she immediately decided on Chicken Paprikash and went so far as to suggest we make it together. That was amazing, not only was she going to let me into her family’s recipe and why it was so important to her, she was going to make it for me. I was honored.

She presented a very similar story I was accustomed to in my own life, her grandmother was the originator of this dish’s memory for her and when she ended up asking about it in her adult life she was directed on how to make it by someone who made it countless of times. Providing direction that only made sense to someone who knew the recipe already, implying that you needed to already have a relationship with the recipe to understand how to finish it. Not in a condescending way, just in the way of someone who was unaccustomed explaining a well know personal process to a novice.

Melody prepared Chicken Paprikash while we recorded the episode and the delicious smells were distracting while we were trying to focus on our conversation. It was a truly eastern European dish, cream, butter, chicken, and egg noodles. The brilliant red paprika providing a vivid color to the sauce that we couldn’t resist sopping up with a heal of bread to clean the pan.

I accompanied this dish with Champagne and Strawberry-Basil Ice which we enjoyed during our recording, providing a light and a rather silly atmosphere. It was lovely having her on my podcast and I certainly hope she is willing to join me again.

*To listen to episode 4 click HERE

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