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Egg & Bacon Impossible pie and Frozen Peach Teas with Zorgie

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I have my first return guest! And it is episode 10!

If you remember Friendsgiving 2019 you may remember Zorgie’s voice bringing you some delicious Pandebonos. These cheesy lightly fried bread bites were a hit and if you haven’t tried them I recommend you go get cooking….But first, listen to the new episode of the pod HERE.

Join us for a fun one-on-one conversation about how our two families pass along flavorful favorites in the kitchen. We even hear from Piotr, Zorgie’s husband, as he blows my mind about putting ketchup on pizza. Not sure about that one, but I’ll try anything once.

Zorgie and I had big plans to go to yoga, make brunch, and record! However, the weather had other plans and yoga just was not in the cards. But it will take more than a snowstorm to put me off brunch, Egg & Bacon Impossible Pie and Frozen Peach Teas will not be denied.

Egg & Bacon Impossible Pie

When you hear pie you assume there will be a crust of some sort. Or is that just me? Just when I thought I would need to once again resort to a store-bought crust I am shocked to find pie dough missing from the ingredients list.


Bisquick (or the like) is how. This easy mix is baked into the mixture to create a solid eggy dish filled with bacon and cheese. But is it really pie? You decide!

Cooking Tips

  • We could not find Bisquick to be exact so settled for a store brand buttermilk pancake/waffle mix.

  • After putting our egg mixture together we quickly realized that there was no way a pie dish was going to work...good thing castiron skillets exist.

  • Grease your dish! I forgot and I really regretted it.

  • There is no such thing as too much cheese, after 30 minutes in the oven I sprinkled some extra cheese on top to melt.

  • Like it hot? I pulled out all of my hot sauces for my guests and my black truffle hot sauce was a hit.

Frozen Peach Teas

I refuse to let the weather get me down. It may be cold outside, there may be snow on the ground, and it may be February. But, sometimes you cannot say no to a frozen drink. There are beaches on my mind and Frozen Peach Teas in my hand!

  • 2C Frozen Peaches

  • ½ C + Fresh Brewed Black Tea

Blend together until smooth and reminiscent of sorbet.

Per cocktail

  • ¾ oz Vodka

  • ¼ oz Orange Liquor

  • ½ C Frozen Peach Tea

Using a swizzle stick mix together liquor and frozen peach tea. If tea is a little too liquidy place in the freezer for a few moments to firm up.

Sip and enjoy!

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