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Dragon's Breath

The flames are dying and the battlefield is silent. All that is left is the quiet of complete desolation. The only thing that moves is the smoke as it rises off every surface. Metal still glows with the heat that has become trapped within. Up the smoke travels, black smoke and white smoke that will curl together as it reaches for the heavens and mixes with the clouds above.

This drink capture the elusive smoke and the glow that was once trapped inside the belly of a Targaryen’s dragon. Sweet apricot blends with black pepper and sits below applewood smoke that has been harnessed in its glass restraints, waiting to pour out and be released.

Dragon’s Breath

  • 3 Apricots

  • 1C Water

  • ¼ Tsp Cracked Black Pepper

  • 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

  • 1 Tbsp Honey

  • Smoker

  • ½ Tsp Apple Wood Chips

  • 1 ½ Oz Bourbon

I am so excited for this cocktail! My step-mom gifted me with a small smoker for Christmas this year. It is a silver rectangular box that has a tiny caged whole for your chips. A small fan forces the smoke through a tube as you light the wood chips.

She also gave me three sample kinds of wood to try. This particular recipe will be utilizing the Applewood. My other ‘flavors’ were mesquite and hickory, which I cannot wait to try out, but it did not seem to compliment this particular cocktail.

If you do not have your own smoker….because who the hell wood (ha)…? No fear! The juice is delicious on its own.

I have been wanting to create this cocktail since I came into the possession of this smoker, in the middle of the winter. However, as you can imagine, apricots are not your average fruit. They are not like apples and no matter what season we are in you will have no trouble finding them. On a few occasions, I considered trying to work with apricot jam and try to make it work that way.

I almost caved when we were approaching the Targaryen week. I NEEDED to make this cocktail for the Targaryens. An orange cocktail to resemble a dragon’s fire that was smoking. It would be perfect.

The Children of The Forest were on my side. Because the morning of the final episode I went into WholeFoods to pick up my steak and there it was sitting in all their glory, cartons of apricots. The day had come and luck was on my side. It was time to make the Dragon’s Breath.

Begin by depitting three apricots. Their pits are relatively thin and easy to remove. Slice the fruit around, beginning at the steam. Twist the two halves until one dislodges and use your fingers to remove the pit from the second half.

Slice the fruit thin and place in a pot with water, honey, lemon juice, and black pepper. Bring the mixture to a simmer and cover for about 10 minutes. Or until the fruit is soft. Allow the liquid to cool and transfer it to your blender, skins and all.

Blend it up!

You can store in the refrigerator until it is time to put our cocktail together.

In a container with a narrow spout combine bourbon and 2 ¼ Oz (one large and one small jigger) of juice. Mix these two liquids up.

Prepare your glass with fresh ice cubes.

Now comes the fun part. Place a few pinches of wood into your smoker and snake the tubing into the neck on the bottle. Turn the switch to activate the fan then light the chips with a lighter. It was a bit dramatic as the smoke filled the bottle and began to seep over the lip. The smoke sat in the bottle on top of the liquid very nicely, swaying back and forth as if it were the sea.

Let stand for about one minute, the longer it sits the stronger the flavor of the wood will be. Tip the bottle over and pour out the cocktail into your awaiting glass, allowing the smoke to cascade across the top.

Once the smoke clears cheers your fellow survivors and enjoy. The smell of the applewood smoke will linger on the edges of the glass and add to the taste. Melody and I may be in an agreement that this may be our favorite cocktail from My Tiny Cook Spot thus far. It was wickedly complex and the flavors danced across your tongue in great harmony.

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