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2018 is almost at its end (by the time I publish it will be the new year), and it has been one hell of a year. I hope 2018 was your best year ever and, even so, you will have an equally amazing 2019. But if you are like me this past year has been a roller coaster of emotions.

2018 is the year I had my first surgery, the year of the bad ankle, the year my brother got married, and the year I founded My Tiny Cook Spot, just to name a few that come to mind. Now it’s time to move forward #newyearnewme, or not new but better.

It’s the same me (I am not about to juice cleanse or start running) but I want to expand on who I am, focus on the realistic possibilities and maybe just dream a little. I want to return to the wall, which seems so far away since I tried standing on just my bad toes for the first time and I couldn’t get my heel off the ground. But I will get there because I have a strong will and great friends bugging me to come back.

I want to get serious about MTCS, my dream is a book, so please if you try a recipe give me some feedback, refer me to a friend! Spread the cooking love! You can even sign up to be notified when a new recipe is posted, or follow me on Instagram, @mytinycookspot, where I post announcements.

This new year will be a good one because I will it and the best way to kick out the old one is with friends! We didn’t have a traditional West World Wednesday (we may meet Saturday), but I was able to spend the mid-afternoon with Melody drinking homemade Eggnog and the evening at Mark’s with our climbing friends eating every version of fried food you could think of where I contributed Potato Pancake-Bacon Bites.

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