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I am writing this entry as I go through the long time tradition of traveling for the holidays. We go through a lot to make it home to our loved ones if we are lucky enough to do so. Tickets can get expensive. Time can be hard to find. You may feel as if the world is against you and there is no way you could ever make that trip.

We take the public transportation across the city, switch between two trains to fight through the airport. We stand in line after line, trying to be patient, but itching to move just a little bit faster. Even if the only thing on the other side of that line is a delayed flight and a spot on the floor with your name on it.

The more times I travel however the more routine it becomes. I am used to packing my backpack just right so security is a breeze, face a stoic mask as I watch families try to wrestle their children to stay together and as TSA swabs my ankle brace.

Everyone is trying to make it to where they call home for just a few days. And I am one of them, I am heading to Bean Town, My Tiny Cook Spot is heading home for the holidays!

With the holidays approaching one can become hyper-aware of those who mean so much to them. We travel miles to see familiar faces, we make extra time in our busy schedules for those we love. Before I left I opened my home to more than the traditional Wednesday gathering I hosted a Holiday party that I wanted my closest friends to come together. I wanted my home to be full, almost crowded. But they would be too engrossed in food, conversation, and drink to be bothered. I wanted to create the atmosphere my mom did around the holidays.

And I did

Not everyone could make it but six people were able to come into my home and partake in good cheer. Two have never even been to my home before, newer friends, and I was overjoyed to share my space with them. “This is where it all happens” one muttered when he saw my kitchen for the first time, I could feel the smile spread across my face. Yes...this is where it all happens.

My worlds collided, friends from different areas of my life met for the first time, as a way for them to get to know each other the question “What is the most interesting thing about you” fluttered through the air. When my turn came I didn’t know what to say. This is the most interesting thing about me. Creating this space and creating these dishes. Having a creative outlet that I can share and crafting environments whose sole purpose is highlighting the experience. My relationship with food grows every time I conceive a menu or ask for opinions.

I didn’t say any of this, however. This information was not new to these individuals sitting on my floor so it did not seem relevant. I didn’t want to over talk about it, a mistake I won’t make again. Because the thing I am creating, the thing I am doing, the thing I am passionate about is the most interesting thing about me. Because it is who I am.

For my Holiday experience, I was worried I would not have enough food. If I had the time and the budget I would have crafted an array of appetizers, a full meal, and even a dessert.

I had to take a step back and be logical. I needed to make things I would be able to prepare ahead of time since I was going to be at work all day and they needed to be easy to consume while standing. I only have so many seats and it seems that like most households I am in everyone gathers in the kitchen, preferring to stand over sitting in a living room.

I opted for pasta with homemade roasted garlic tomato sauce, a vegan beet and cauliflower soup, and a ginger-pear punch.

From My Tiny Cook Spot to your kitchen, have a Happy Holiday. I hope your kitchen is filled with smiling faces, laughing voices, and full bellies.

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