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She mailed me butter. I absolutely love this woman.

It has been a long week, one of those weeks that just drag by like there is a 100Lb weight attached to your foot. It seems whenever you approach vacation the time passes slower and slower. I have one week left until I go home for Christmas and I can not wait. Therefore, naturally, my days are passing like a sloth stuck in gum.

I am finally sliding into the weekend, feeling like I have a mountain of things to do before I go away. And suddenly there was a ball of light the end of a tunnel that was my week, there was a USPS package sitting in my mailroom, I don’t even need to inspect the box to know it was for me from my Mommom. The smiley face stickers adorning the front was a dead giveaway.

There are always wonders in the packages my Mommom sends me. I am pretty sure I audibly screamed when I opened the box to find a beautiful loaf of bread wrapped in glittering tissue paper. I can honestly tell you I crave her Kielbasa bread with every fiber of my being once the weather gets cold...or rainy...or hot...or cloudy...safe to say I could pretty much always have a slice of toasted bread with pieces of kielbasa baked in. A wad of butter and a fried egg.

Tapped to this glorious loaf, which had a lovely challah bread-esque top instead of a natural top (Yes Mommom, I noticed), was a pretty Christmas card. It read:

For my busy working gal- from my home to your ‘Tiny Cook Spot’- Something to toast and enjoy on a chilly Chicago morn in hopes it makes you loved, warm and toastie inside. P.S. the Butter is in the Jim Jammy”

No...she wouldn’t….would she? Yes, nestled next to this loaf was a stick of Irish Butter. The good stuff. This woman’s compassion, thoughtfulness, and love have never ceased to amaze me. Somewhere in this process when she decided to mail her granddaughter a loaf of her favorite bread the thought “she will need butter” crossed her mind. That caring and kindness make my heart so warm and I feel so lucky to have her in my corner.

You can bet that after I am done this salad I am slicing a thick chunk of this bread and putting a hefty pad of butter over top.

I had a completely different lead-in planned for this week’s feature but that got a bit derailed with a simple package.

This week the menu for My Tiny Cook Spot consisted of a Parmesan-Jalapeño-Panko Crusted Pork Loin and Salted Chili Hot Cocoa with Homemade Marshmallows. Accompanying this meal was a wonderful salad with blue cheese, walnuts, and dried cranberries and a charcuterie board.

Mark and Melody are both extremely busy people and I am grateful that they can make the time to join me for dinner. This week was no exception where they felt a little stretched thin. Even when the time is tight they abide by my rules, don’t come empty-handed. Weeks vary, sometimes you have more time on your hands, sometimes it is a miracle you can even make it. This week both came into my home apologizing that they did not make anything but instead had to go store bought.

I understand being pressed for time. I couldn’t care less that they could not take the time to actually make something, especially since I know them and I know that if they need to pick something up last minute they aren’t going to only show up with a box of saltines. Melody chose a wonderful salad and Mark brought a spread of 3 different types of meat, 4 different kinds of cheese and 4 different crackers from Trader Joes.

So I hope you brought your stretchy pants because there is a lot of food to go around.

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