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Gumbo, Italian Wedding Soup, & Bubbly Bumble Bee with Angela

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Welcome back home cooks! In this episode, I was joined by Angela, a Dance Education Teacher, and an Arts and Education activist. She loves to dance, teach, workout, read, play bass, knit, connect with people through food and cooking, advocate for education equity, and felt really weird talking about herself this much. But I think she did great!

Angela had previously joined us in season one, where we gushed over meatloaf and spoke about the recipe collections both of our mother’s passed on to us.

In part one Angela and I are capturing the flavors of warm weather days spent basking in the sun, in a glass. We are mixing together fresh nectarines, honey, vodka, and just a splash of champagne to create a drink fit for a queen bee, Bubbly Bumble Bee.

Listen to Part One HERE

Angela has returned for part two and we hope to get you in the mood for soup season! I had the pleasure to follow her great aunt’s recipe for Italian Wedding Soup, which was silky and delicious. While my recipe was a little more simple, Angela had a lot going on in her kitchen, tackling the multiple steps behind Firey Seafood and Andouille Gumbo. Which packed a punch!

Listen to Part Two HERE

Bubbly Bumble Bee

When I am putting together cocktails for my podcast this season I need to consider my guests more so than I did in the previous season. During season one when my guests were able to join me in my kitchen making it easy to simply put the cocktails together before they even arrived. Now, my guest is on their own.

It is up to them to prep and purchase ingredients, and we all know liquor can be expensive. It is a lot to ask to have my guest pick up a specific bottle for a single cocktail and I make sure to tell them to substitute where they would like. You have vodka instead of gin? Sure! You have never tried mezcal and don’t want to commit to a bottle? No worries!

Sometimes my imagination goes a little wild. This time I wanted fresh fruit, honey, and I had my heart set on it being bubbly. But not with seltzer, I wanted champagne. Luckily Angela was ready to dive into whatever I gave her.

Per Cocktail

  • 1.5oz Vodka

  • .75oz Nectarine Puree

  • 2 tsp Honey Water

  • Splash Champagne

Honey Water

Ratio 2:1 honey to water

In a microwave-safe container combine honey and water. Since I was only going to be making cocktails for myself I used 2 tsp honey and 1 tsp water. Pop in the microwave for about 15 seconds, just enough time to allow the water to warm and dissolve our honey.

I have tried incorporating honey right from the bottle into a cocktail and it simply falls to the bottom in a clump. By mixing it with warm water we are able to cohesively mix the sweetener with our cool cocktail.

Prep your nectarines for the blender by slicking them off the pit and into chunks. Mine were ripe enough to use my fingers to peel away the skin. Angela left the skins on and blended up the whole thing, so it is up to you! Add to a blender and blend until smooth

In your shaker combine: vodka, honey water, and nectarine puree. Shake well with ice. Pour into a fresh glass with no ice and top with champagne!

*Go where we dreamed, try it as a slushy!

Firey Seafood and Andouille Gumbo (Made by Angela)

Angela’s Cooking notes

  • Angela could not find okra, frozen or otherwise, so opted out

  • When searching for a substitute she found using some white wine vinegar to add the missing acidity.

  • Angela did not peel the tomatoes

  • For Fish Filets, Angela used white fish

  • She opted for Olive Oil over Vegetable oil for the flavor.

  • Angela added a bit of Chili Powder for a bit of an extra kick, add to taste.

  • Angela found the gumbo a little thick and used extra chicken stock to thin it out until she was happy.

  • She decided not to make the rice and eat it standing alone.

Italian Wedding Soup (Made by Kate)

Kate’s Cooking Notes

  • I normally don’t keep white bread on hand, but I did have a sourdough roll so I used that instead.

  • I made a LOT of meatballs, that seemed to many for the soup, freeze them up in a ziplock, and have them later.

  • I had 2 32oz boxes of chicken stock making 8c, since it is just me I did not need 18c’s of soup.

  • If you are like me and have never added eggs to soup in this way, it will create little strings of cooked eggs! Don’t worry, you didn’t mess it up.

  • To avoid mushy pasta from continuous reheating, cook servings separate as needed.

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