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Blood Orange & Salted Thyme Lemonade

I have been inspired by all these cocktails I have been seeing using Blood Oranges! I absolutely love blood oranges and they were such a treat when I was a kid. I loved the way the juice stained my hands, I liked the dramatic name, I liked the different flavors they held depending on a particular orange.

I wanted to make my own cocktail and I wanted to do more than simply squeeze some blood oranges into a glass with some gin. I needed to do more, this called for a mason jar and a few days to prepare!

Blood Orange & Salted Thyme Lemonade

For lemonade

  • 1 C Water

  • 1 C Lemon juice

  • ¼ C Sugar

  • 2 Tbsp Dried Thyme

  • ¼ Tsp Salt

  • ¼ Tsp Vanilla Extract

Blood Orange Infused Gin

  • 12 Oz Gin

  • 2 Blood Oranges, Sliced

Per Cocktail

  • 3.5 Oz Gin

  • 1.5 Oz Lemonade

  • 1 Blood Orange Ring for Garnish

If you have been following me on this wild and crazy adventure down cocktail lane you may have noticed that the past few drinks I have created called for infusing your own liquor. If you are looking for a cocktail to make tonight head back to my recipe page and browse some of the many other options that will leave you grinning into your glass.

If you have some time to spare keep on following me and we will make this bright and beautiful cocktail together.

Using a sharp knife slice your blood oranges into rings, leaving the skin on. Place into a large mason jar and pour gin over the top. The color will entirely depend on the color of your orange. I was looking for that deep beautiful red color, the kind that makes you stop and worry about wearing white. Honestly, the first orange I cut into was more subtle in color, more oranges marbling into the red. It was not going to give the the drama I wanted and I cut into another and simply ate the one I didn’t want.

Leave in the fridge for at least three days. Easy right?

Fast forward to the day of

The next step is just as easy, honestly, the hardest part of this cocktail may be that you need to wait days to enjoy it.

We are going to make lemonade! I adore making my own lemonade, it is my go to in the summer and you can make so many variations with just a few additives. For this particular cocktail, I wanted to use a winter herb to play with the acid of my oranges. Thyme was calling my name.

In a small saucepan combine together lemon juice, sugar, salt, vanilla, and water and bring to a simmer. I have made lemonade before with more sugar, however this time I did not want it to be too sweet, I was looking for a more tart drink than anything. If you prefer that extra sweetness, by all means, add in some more sugar, I understand a sweet tooth.

Once the sugar has melted reduce the heat and brew the thyme leaves for about three minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to cool.

I made these things the night before thinking I was going to have to pack mule them to work. But I was luckily able to avoid lugging them around due to Mark’s kindness and offering to meet me at the train to make a handoff so he could take them to his place in the morning.

When the time came and we were all gathered it is time to put them all together. I forgot to tell Mark to make sure he had ice in his freezer...therefore I was able to give each glass three small ice cubes. I did not have any to spare for the shaker and opted to aggressively stir each glass to blend and cool the contents.

Even having to make do with a different setup and forgetting the ice the cocktail was still a wonderful way to end the day. It was a gorgeous color, a little sweet and perfectly tart. And the addition of a blood orange ring clipped to the glass gave a small snack to munch on!

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