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Black Magic

Step into Potions Class my studious witches and wizards! Listen closely and pay attention, we are going to dabble in some difficult arts; that if done wrong can produce some treacherous results. However, if done flawlessly, one should create a shimmering, lustrous brew that resembles the clear night sky.

Per Cocktail

  • 3 Oz Black Absolute Raspberry Vodka

  • ¼ Oz Simple Syrup

  • Squeeze of Lemon

For Black Vodka

  • ½ Bottle Absolute Raspberry Vodka

  • 5 Drops Blue Food Coloring

  • 5 Drops Red Food Coloring

  • 4 Drops Green Food Coloring

  • Edible Pearl Glitter

For Simple Syrup

  • ¼ C Sugar

  • ¼ C Water

I cannot take credit for this mystical concoction, it is all over Pinterest and I needed some assistance with a truly spooky cocktail in light of Halloween. I did, however, make some changes to the traditional recipe. This shimmering martini will make you want to cast some sinister spells, beware!

I was a little worried that the color of this cocktail would be too off-putting and create that moment where the flavor and visual are so offset you can not enjoy it. Like the time my mom put green food coloring in the milk. I could not separate the two, milk should not be green and it did not taste like anything green.

To try to fix this difficult association I chose raspberry vodka, I can more easily connect the color to that flavor (black raspberry now). I only transformed half of a bottle, using an empty bottle of Titos to be my vessel. If you are planning on using a full bottle simply double the drops of food coloring listed above.

Add food coloring to your vodka and give it a good shake, watch the magic take place as the once clear liquid transforms to a deep black. Store in the freezer overnight, we are making a martini and the colder the drink the better.

You can also prepare your simple syrup in advance, simply melt equal parts water and sugar in your cauldron. Store in an airtight container in your refrigerator.

When it is time to create your potion add enough edible glitter to your vodka to give an easily noticeable simmering effect. I chose to add the glitter the day of, I am not sure if the alcohol would degrade the glitter, I am not a scientist. I am sure it would be fine but I know I would have been wicked upset if I was wrong.

Chill your glasses while you are mixing your drinks, a cold glass is the best receptacle for a martini. If you have the chance chill your shaker as well. In your frosty shaker over ice add simple syrup, lemon, and vodka, marvel at how the glitter swirls and dances in the jigger.

Shake well and serve in a chilled glass.

Put on your best witches hat and enjoy!

*Did not turn my teeth black (I was worried)

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