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It is back to the grind. The days feel long and short at the same time. I am getting tired but there is so much I want to do.

I had started a new job not too long ago (and there was much rejoicing) and the day goes by fast. I get in at about 830 and sometimes, in what seems like no time at all, 9 hours have passed. For three weeks the only responsibility I had after work was PT. Otherwise, I was free to go out or go home. But the point is that the choice was mine.

Now though, swimming has started again. I could not coach for the same amount of hours as I used to, I am further away and I am unable to leave early. So I am only there for an hour and a half for one group.

I love my time coaching. I love the kids and I like that I get to use a different part of my brain to instruct and devise workouts. There is also a social element since I like those I coach with, Miranda has become a good friend of mine.

But it can be draining. I get home at 9pm and still need to make dinner when all I want to do is sleep. I was away from this for a few weeks and it is going to take a moment to get used to it again. To be better at meal planning and traveling with snacks.

Three days a week I coach and one day I still have PT.

I feel close to falling asleep when I get home, even from PT which is my early day where I get home at 8pm. But the fatigue leaves pretty quickly when I remember that I am going to be having friends over for dinner and I get to cook a real meal. The only thing I need to get better at is making as much as I can ahead of time. Because it can be difficult to cook for multiple people at 8 at night.

This week I was able to prepare much of my cocktail ahead of time, and tofu does not take much time at all. Sadly I did have a breaking point toward the end of cooking. My kitchen was a mess and I honestly just started looking at the mess with wide eyes that did not seem to grasp what was happening.

Thank you, friends, for saving my sanity and pushing me out of the kitchen to clean some of the stuff up. I love you guys.

After my impersonation of a deer in headlights we were able to finally enjoy Israeli Couscous with Tofu and a cocktail I have named Heart of Stone. Nectarines were easily the theme of this dinner. Not sure what that means? Check out the recipes to find out!

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