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Although I live in Chicago, and I absolutely love it (so much so I am sure my friends think I am never coming back), I am an east coaster by heart. This is apparent in my abrupt humor, lack of willingness to interact with strangers, and liberal use of sarcasm.

I have spent so much time smelling salt on the air and with my toes in the cold ocean. During the summers when I was very young my family and I would take a trip to Maine. For two weeks we would be a short walk from the rocky shores. My brother and I would hunt the beaches for crab shells, storing them in little hiding places year after year.

We would ride our bikes to the arcade trying to win enough ticket to get something worthwhile. We would wait in the kitchen tuning our ears for the sounds of the ice cream truck. We would play Uno on the porch while mom worked on a puzzle.

It was paradise.

I remember my Dad and I would watch the summer storms make the waves crash against the breakers. We would sit and watch the seals as they gathered against the rocks. My dad would tell me stories about these creatures, that they would travel back to this spot every year to see me. He would tell of an adventure of Sammy the Seal before ushering me towards the market.

We would return home, to the little house, to mom steaming up some clams. The smell of the ocean making its way into those walls for a night. I was so lucky to be able to enjoy these times with those I love.

Whenever I return to the east coast I crave some sort of sea food. I want to visit the fish market down the street, I want to let the cool water lap over my toes. This week I wanted to bring the east coast to My Tiny Cook Spot and what better family to accomplish this than the Greyjoys? A family of, essentially, pirates?

My friends and I would often pretend we were pirates ourselves, testing our courage on the high seas. Sitting below as the boat swayed beneath us, laughing loudly while eating a stew from the fruit of the sea and sipping steaming cups of Blackberry Grog.

Pull up a chair, there is plenty to go around.

*Latest EP of My Tiny Cook Spot Here EP 8 Home Sweet Home With Katie Part 1

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