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Happy Easter! And more importantly for me, happy second week of Game of Thrones!

I am not a religious person and I haven’t truly celebrated Easter for many years, the last time I went to an Easter service was perhaps three years ago when I went down to Nashville with one of my good friends for our graduate school spring break. It ended up overlapping with the holiday and my friend had family in the area. They were kind enough to let us join them.

I experienced a true southern Easter and it was nothing I had ever experienced before.

I have a few other memories from Easter throughout the years. Getting a new dress, going to mass with my family growing up, having a big dinner, seeing the colorful baskets in the morning.

One that really sticks out in my mind was the first Easter without my Mom. We were spending time in Rhode Island for the holiday, visiting old family friends through the first holiday since our loss. It warmed my heart that Mrs. Alemany made me an Easter basket because she did not know if my mom would have done so for me had she still been with us.

I was 16 at the time and I am pretty sure that my mom had stopped making these colorful gifts years before and just settled for giving us a little candy. Still, I was touched that this woman who was one of my mom’s best friends took the time to make this for me.

Looking back there was a bit of humor surrounding this situation. Mrs. Alemany has three boys and she went all out to fill my basket with nail polish and other girly pampering items. I love that she was excited to create a basket filled with girly things, we all knew she always wanted a daughter.

This year my Mom-mom even sent me a “box of goodies” as she calls it. I was so surprised when I opened my mailbox to find half a dozen bagels, all individually wrapped and bagged with bright yellow bows. She is well aware of the lack of good bagels in Chicago, I have ranted on this topic on numerous occasions with her. I immediately went to the store to get cream cheese, lox, and capers, putting my original dinner on the back burner.

Since it is a holiday and even if I do not observe, I do appreciate tradition and wanted to keep the day in mind when creating my menu. As a group, we decided to represent the house that seems to embody the commercial visuals that we have come to understand as Easter. The Tyrell family in Highgarden was our theme this Sunday.

Finger sandwiches and boozy ice tea seemed fitting. I opened the floor to have my guests bring their own toppings so we could have a few varieties to choose from while we watched our show. I settled on an Asparagus Crostini with Blueberry Jam and Brie with a Beet and Radish side salad and a lovely boozy Cherry Green Tea.

The Lady Waits Crostini. The Rose's Thorn Ice Tea. The Secret Garden Salad.

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